What You Need to Know About Car/Auto Trauma Cleanup

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What You Need to Know About Car/Auto Trauma Cleanup

When there are traumatic events involving vehicles or occupants of vehicles, the most important thing is to protect yourself and your family from bio contamination. The most common situations that require biohazard cleanup and remediation are:

-Auto accidents


-self inflicted wounds

Deaths, like suicide and drug overdoses

Handling the cleanup of these tragic situations isn’t an easy job, and it needs to be performed by professionals. Environmental factors like decomposition can even cause fluids to be released. Restoring the vehicle to a safe, functional state require proper recovery of all fluids and particles, and sanitation of the vehicle.


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Why Should You Call a Professional Service for Vehicle Cleanup? 

  1. Blood Cleanup – It’s really hard to get into every crack and corner to clean

These days vehicles have a lot of areas that are either hidden or are difficult to see, such as where panels connect, where the windows sit, under and around knobs and buttons, and even in and around the seats. It’s vital to call an expert remediation company because blood borne pathogens are microscopic – you can’t see them but they can cause serious harm.

  1. Safety Issues Concerning Blood Cleanup

It’s important not to try to gid rid of the blood in a vehicle on your own. It’s also not a good idea to take it to a car detailing shop because the fluids may contain harmful pathogens that are bad for our health. If an accident, trauma or death has caused blood spill within the vehicle, it’s important to secure the vehicle right away and call a vehicle remediation company near you.

Bio-Trauma is licensed remediation and cleanup company in Westchester County that serves Westchester, Fairfield County, and NYC. Our team is trained and certified in the cleanup and removal of biohazardous waste. At the same time, our extensive cleaning and sanitizing processes can remove odors like smoke or rotting food. It’s best to be safe and not expose yourself or a car detailer to any harmful pathogens.

  1. Insurance is Usually Accepted 

Even after tragic events, cost becomes an issue families need to consider when choosing a remediation service. The good news is that most insurance companies cover vehicle remediation services when they unfortunately occur.

  1. Restoration Done Safely and Correctly

Getting a vehicle restored and ready to for use is an important aspect of why a professional service is needed for cleanup. Whatever fluids may need cleaning, those areas need to be disinfected and the bio materials removed. Bio-Trauma can handle the removal of biohazards and associated odors in all vehicle types, including cars, trucks, boats, limos, taxis, emergency vehicles, and more.

You can always call Bio-Trauma when the unthinkable happens; when you’re not sure how to safely remove hazardous bio material from your vehicle.

For immediate help call Bio-Trauma right away! 

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